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artwork by AJ McCarthy, age 7
Paul & Jeanne's Timeline

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–confirmed travel with Lotus Travel, our travel dates are 2/12/06-2/28/06!! See Jeanne's blog for full itinerary and China trip journal.

1/25–received Consulate Appointment Date, 2/27/06, 10am!!!

1/20–received Travel Approval


June-October–we are still waiting for our referral; it's been 7 months since our dossier went to China, which is the time frame our agency told us long ago back in March. WE ARE NEXT!!!!!!

May 25–waiting, waiting, waiting. Today is the two month anniversary of our dossier going to China. Our agency still tells us its a 6-7 month wait for referral

March 27–Paul and Jeanne celebrate DTC day with friends at China City in Freeland. See the photos. Joanie loans tapes on learning to speak Mandarin!

March 25–WE ARE DTC!!!!! WOW! It's for real now! We are officially one month pregnant (in adoption terms). Just got word from New Hope that all dossiers went off to China today. In about 8 months our little Chloe Simone will be home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 20–Paul and Jeanne celebrate their 12th anniversary at Terra restaurant on Whidbey Island!

March 3-14–I have spent the past 12 days helping care for my ailing grandmother (Maw Maw) in Louisiana. When I arrived home to Whidbey Island late last night I thought of how I wouldn’t be helping Maw Maw to bed this night—but my parents would be. It made me realize that being able to help with Maw Maw over these last 12 days was a priceless gift I was given. There were so many difficult moments when I wasn’t sure how I could continue the task, but it became easier when I remembered all the love and care Maw Maw has given me over the last 42 years: All those times she cooked whatever I wanted any time of day I walked into her house; all the words of encouragement no matter how silly the idea was; all the prayers, thoughts, and heartfelt best wishes anybody could possibly receive in one lifetime; and of course all the hugs and kisses, too. It was truly a gift for me to be able to care for Maw Maw, I only wish I could continue to help. However, the sad truth is that she needs more care than any family member can provide at this point. I’ll continue to update on her progress. Sending love and prayers to Maw Maw!

March 14–This morning I spoke to Patti at New Hope, she says dossiers will be FedEx'd to China next week, they’ll take three days to arrive, then the CCAA will log them in within a week of receipt. She says there will be a total of six dossiers sent in March, which means we'll travel to China with five other families. After the dossiers are sent next week, New Hope will email the entire group of six families with the news and contact info so we can keep in touch over the next six months as we await the much anticipated referral!

February 25–USCIS approval of I600-A came in the mail today–the official I-171H form, Notice of Favorable Determination Concerning Application For Advance Processing of Orphan Petition. Yay!!!!!! This means that our dossier can be completed at New Hope, they send it for a final round of authentication, then it will be ready as a dossier for China! We will be DTC in March!

February 23–USCIS approval of I600-A!!!!!! We officially received word via email (actual email from Homeland Security, WA) that our I-600A and fingerprinting has been approved. We should receive it in the mail soon. New Hope says that we'll be DTC in March 2005!!!!!! That means September referral and travel 4-8 weeks after that. So, things are slightly more definitive now.

February 14–Happy Valentine's Day! Peggy predicted that today is the day we'll find out something from USCIS. We received an email from USCIS saying “Your case is with an adjudication's officer and should be completed within a week or so.” I think Peggy should predict that we win a million dollars.

January 15–Jeanne has started dismantling the guest room to make room for the baby. We hope to start removing baseboards and carpet next month, then choose wall paint colors and flooring. Still no I600-A approval yet–some that I've talked to had theirs approved in 3 weeks!

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