Chloe Simone Hua Goethel, age 6 months old
Chloe Simone Hua Goethel
Although we've welcomed Chloe Simone into our hearts, we don't know much about her yet. Chloe Simone is our soon-to-be-adopted-from-China daughter. We received our referral on 12/12/05, just three days after our agency told us not to expect it until January 2006!!! We'll travel to China February 12-28, 2006 to bring her home!!

We are thinking all the time about our daughter and her caretakers. We thank her parents and caretakers for the gift they are giving us and we hope that these first months of her life are happy and healthy.

We're coming to get you Chloe Simone!

Here's what we know about Chloe so far:

DOB 5/13/05
Chloe lives in Yangjiang, Guangdong Province, China
Chinese name Jiang, Cheng Hua
Jiang means "River", Cheng means "Sincere", and Hua means "Magnificnet, Prosperous, and Splendid"
At 6 months old, Height 65 cm, Weight 7.1 kg
Her medical record states that her "development is excellent", she "likes to laugh", "makes a happy sound when she sees her caretaker", "she is a healthy, smart and lovely little baby" !!!!!!!!!!!!

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