artwork by Anna Graves, age 10

Baby Rumpus Adventure: The Paul and Jeanne Story continued

Adoption had always been an option for us; we just didn't know when to take the leap. In 1999, our friends and neighbors Pete and Joanie adopted a baby girl from China and since then we've watched KatyRose grow up. We talked about a domestic adoption, but after hearing several horror stories of the process, decided on international adoption. KatyRose has been our inspiration all along and we finally realized it.

Over Christmas break in 2003, we started seriously thinking about our adoption options and did tons of research on the Internet. After many conversations, we said yes to a Chinese adoption!

We checked out several Web sites about Chinese adoption and looked at several agencies. We were impressed with New Hope Child and Family Agency, especially after hearing all about the process from Pete and Joanie. After a few emails, phone conversations, and a ton of information they sent us, we decided to start the process with New Hope. See our timeline page for details.

We are hoping our dossier will be sent to China by March 2005 and hope to have our new daughter home to Whidbey Island, Washington by October of 2005.

©2005 Paul H. Goethel & Jeanne M. Juneau