artwork by AJ McCarthy, age 7
Baby Rumpus Adventure: The Paul and Jeanne Story

When we got married in March of 1993, we knew we wanted to have a family, decided we'd do whatever it takes to have one, and started trying right away.

Five years later, in the spring of 1998, we wanted to improve our quality of life, which included having a home on some property. Sadly, San Diego was not the place to acquire land for a reasonable price, so we left our dear friends and headed for Whidbey Island, Washington. After spending four weeks in a downtown Seattle high-rise we were finally able to move into our new home in Langley on South Whidbey Island near our old friends Richard and Anna Novak. We tore down fences, planted a gazillion trees, disposed of junk, and after a few months the place felt like our own; Starlight Ranch was born!

In the summer of 2000 we were happy to be living on the island and working in Seattle, but not so happy that pregnancy had not happened yet. We decided to try fertility treatments and went through many rounds of fertility drugs and treatments and still no results. After years of going back and forth to Seattle each month for shots, tests, treatments, and procedures, still no results. We had to decide whether we wanted to go through the pain and expense of more aggressive treatments, or pursue other alternatives.

©2005 Paul H. Goethel & Jeanne M. Juneau